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A Room of One’s Own … Or Not.

The ACA created a federal mandate requiring employers to provide reasonable break time and space for nursing mothers to express milk, for the first year of their child’s life.

The space must be functional, shielded from view, free from intrusion, available as needed  and most specifically, not a bathroom.

Yet, some guys are still struggling to get their heads around the needs entailed by nursing a child, or what exactly “free from intrusion” entails. Some feel free to use the rooms for meditation, sleep, and personal business, adding new dimensions to the concept of “manspreading”.

Finding a man using a pre-reserved lactation space for a phone call, one woman complained  “I had to stand there with my sore, full boobs and explain to this dude who was mad at me for interrupting him that I needed the room to express milk to feed my kid later.”

Maybe the idea of women having any kind of exclusive space provokes defiance, per se.  Whatever it is, a majority of new moms returning to work have yet to find the lactation room at their place of employment.

Download your copy of the Department of Labor’s  Break Time for Nursing Mothers Employee Rights Card“.





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