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Church and State: Who’s the Bully Now?

In the name of religious freedom Trump signed an executive order May 4 that will allow certain employers to avoid paying for birth control.

Birth control coverage is among required health insurance benefits under the ACA.

But some religious employers have pushed back, sued, and refused to provide birth control coverage based on conscientious objections. Some of these objecting employers are non-profit, such as The Little Sisters of the Poor. Others are for-profit private-sector businesses, like Hobby Lobby.

Trump says mandatory coverage of birth control under the ACA means that the federal government is bullying religious employers into acting against their consciences.

Workers who are being, who have been deprived of the coverage due them now under law might argue under the new rule that while their personal health choices are being restricted, they are also being coerced to practice their bosses’ religious precepts.

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